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In the dark Swedish countryside lurks terror from the past

Living the good life in Southern California Photographer Peter, his fiance Sara and her mute son Dennis travels to Sweden. Next to Peters inherited Mansion is an old Haunted Orphanage that no one in the small village wants to talk about. 

Peter Nelson who plays Peter Michel is known for his roles in Die Hard 2, The Last Starfighter and the TV hit show V.

Troy Donahue was a popular sex symbol in the 60s and can be seen in over 100 films. Along with the American actors the movie has many well know Swedish actors.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Category: Horror

                                                  Running time: appr 104min

                                                  Film location(s): Los Angeles, CA and Malmo Sweden

                                                  Directed by Peter Borg

                                                  Produced by Kjell Larsson      

                                                 Cast: Peter Nelson as Peter Mitchel

                                                          Kristin Jensen as Sara Richards

                                                          Dennis Castillo as Dennis Richards

                                                          Gunnar Ohlund as Old Charles

                                                          Johnny Harborg as Frank

                                                          Vanja Rodefeldt as Margaret

                                                          Rico Ronback as Thomas Hansen

                                                          Troy Donahue as Larry Haugton

                                                          Peter Borg as Young Charles

                                                          Hasse Andersson as the Bartender