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                                  TERROR IN THE MOUNTAIN

Followed by vicious bikers, a Professor and four students travel up the Mystic Mountain to explore Indian
culture by the Deep Water Lake.  After one of the students goes missing a search leads the group to a
horrifying Celtic ceremony

Vincent Van Patten who plays Professor Hamilton is the son of the late Dick Van Patten. Vincent is a 

former Tennis Pro (ranked 26th in the wold in 1982) and the commentator for World Poker Tour. In 1981 he was

dubbed the "King of Hollywood". Vincent was married to Betsy Russel (1989-2001) who plays Jamie.

His older brother Nels Van Patten plays Speedy.

Ronald "Tiny Ron" Taylor who plays The Druid. was a former basketball player. He is known for his work in

movies as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and The Rocketeer

                                                     Category: Horror, Drama, Cult
                                                     Running time: 85min
                                                     Location Southern California
                                                     Directed by Thom Keith 
                                                     Produced by David Gladstone

                                                     Executive Producer: Victoria Till
 Peggy Sands as Tiffany
                                                           Betsy Russel as Jamie
                                                           Vincent Van Patten as Professor Hamilton
                                                           Buck Flower as Wino
                                                           Mike Diamant as Frog
                                                           David Home as Bill
   Tiny Ron Tyler as the Druid
Mark Twogood as Gas Jockey
Nels Van Patten as Speedy
 Jim Elk as Indian
Mindy Myer as Melissa
 Peter Borg as Presenter
Shannon Wilsey as Dorm Girl
Julie Wilson as Dorm Girl
 Jacklyn as Dorm Girl
Dori Courtney as Dorm Girl
Suzanne Ager as Dorm Girl
Michelle Baver as Dorm Girl

Full Movie is available on the following streaming sites:


Amazon Prime Video, TCL, Rewarded TV and Tubi

Mystic Mountain
Mystic Mountain
Mystic Mountain
Mystic Mountain
Mystic Mountain
Mystic Mountain
Mystic Mountain
Mystic Mountain
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