Bikini Drive-In


It’s just another day at the beach during summer vacation, and beautiful co-ed Kim (ASHLEY RHEY "Save Me", "Improper Advances", Playboy Videos) is bored with the sun, surf and sand. She and her best friend, Carrie (SARAH BELLOMO "Beach Babes From Beyond"), are ready for something different, something fun and something crazy – which comes out of nowhere when a lawyer hands Kim papers declaring that she has just inherited her late grandfather’s drive-in theater.

Kim and Carrie excitedly go to check the place out, only to find a dilapidated theater run by a crew of misfits. Kim is wondering if there is any hope when the greedy land developer, J.B. Winston, and his son Brian show up to make a bad scene even worse.

The girls learn that Winston wants to turn the property into a shopping mall, and if Kim does not come up with $25,000.00 by the end of the weekend to pay off a bank note, he is going to get his way.

Filled with determination, Kim suggests enlisting an army of fun loving friends to help turn the "dive in" into a first rate Drive-In over the weekend. Their sexy sorority sisters and the misfit employees are quick to pitch in. And, dumping his loyalty to his thug father for the sexy Kim, Brian joins in and comes up with a crazy plan to save the drive-in and win Kim’s affections.

Brian, Kim, Carrie and the motley crew prepare for the party of the year at the Grand Opening of "Bikini Drive-In". Furious with his son, Winston and his henchmen try to sabotage the biggest bash of the Summer, but to no avail as the show goes on to save the theater – complete with B-movies, popcorn, a screen queen in the flesh (MICHELLE BAUER "Armed Response". The Thumb", "Commando Squad") and, of course, a new dress code… BIKINIS!


Ashley Rhey | Richard Gabai | Ross Hagen 
Sarah Bellomo | Rob Vogl | Steve Barkett
Nikki Fritz | Tom Shell

Special Guest Stars

Michelle Bauer | David F. Friedman | Conrad Brooks
Forrest J. Ackernan

Director of Photography 
Gary Graver

Edited by 
Peter Miller

Written by 
Steve Armogida & John Willey

Associate Producers
John McCollister & Steve Armogida

Executive Producers
Jim Wynorski & Victoria Till

Produced and Directed by
Fred Olen Ray

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